Francis Marshall expects to gas out Isaac Dulgarian at UFC Vegas 78 and hopefully earn a spot on MSG card

By Cole Shelton - August 11, 2023

Francis Marshall knows he has to follow the game plan at UFC Vegas 78.

Francis Marshall

In his last fight, Marshall strayed away from his game plan against William Gomis and lost a close split decision. Marshall says he decided to fight differently than what he and his coaches studied for, and that ended up costing him.

“A lot of it is sticking to the gameplan that we prepared for. That third round is how the first two rounds should have looked had I stuck more to the gameplan and pulled the trigger sooner,” Marshall said. “I got caught up on the feet and was worried about what he was doing and I’m sure his game plan was to stay away and use his kicks, he stuck to his game plan and I didn’t stick to me. Now, it’s about sticking to the game plan going forward.”

Although the loss was tough, as it was his first career defeat, Francis Marshall says he’s happy it happened early in his career so he can learn from it.

Once he was ready to return, Marshall was booked to face Isaac Dulgarian at UFC Vegas 78. It’s an intriguing matchup between two high-level grapplers which intrigues Marshall.

Marshall eyes stoppage win

“I’m sure it will hit the mat and I’m sure it will play out on the feet for a bit as well,” Dulgarian said. “It could go either way, it will either be mostly grappling or mostly on the feet.”

With Francis Marshall expecting the fight to play out on the mat, he has full confidence he will be the better grappler than Dulgarian.

As well, Marshall expects to drag Dulgarian into the deep waters and eventually gas him out to get a stoppage win.

“I see the first round being a close and tough round, working for takedowns and working takedown defense,” Marshall said. “As the fight goes on in the second round and even maybe the third, I’m just going to take over the fight. Keep the pressure on and maybe gas him out. My cardio feels phenomenal, so I could go all night.”

Should Marshall get the stoppage win on Saturday, he hopes he can fight at Madison Square Garden in November.

“A win puts me in a great spot to hopefully get another fight at MSG in November. If not, I hope to get in there in December. Get in there, get a finish, and get my next fight booked,” Marshall concluded.

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