Georges St-Pierre says he’s finally out of UFC contract, won’t rule out a return to combat sports: “Never say never”

By Cole Shelton - October 31, 2022

Georges St-Pierre is finally a free agent and isn’t opposed to taking a fight.

Georges St-Pierre

St-Pierre last fought in the UFC in November of 2017 when he submitted Michael Bisping to become the middleweight champ and a two-division champ. He then retired due to health issues, but during his retirement, there were talks of him returning to face Khabib Nurmagomedov, yet that never came to fruition.

Now, as Georges St-Pierre was working the Anderson Silva vs. Jake Paul fight, he revealed that he is now a free agent. He also says he isn’t ruling out a return to competition to box or grapple.

“I’m already out of my UFC contract. I’m out. I couldn’t be here today [working with Showtime] if I was under UFC contract,” St-Pierre told MMA Fighting. “It might piss off the UFC that I’m here, but I did it because, like I said, I have the freedom now to do whatever I want, with whoever I want, whenever I want.

“If I wanted to [I could compete in boxing],” St-Pierre continued. “You never say never. If it’s for a good cause, it’s well organized, who knows? I could do boxing or grappling. Who knows? But my days of trying to prove I’m the strongest man in the world, it’s gone. I have other priorities in life and I’m still training, I’m still getting it. When I go with a guy, when I spar with a guy, I still get it. But my heart is not there anymore.”

St-Pierre Rules Out MMA Fights

Although St-Pierre isn’t ruling out a return to competition, the Canadian says if he does return, it wouldn’t be in MMA. He believes training in MMA takes a toll on the body so he would rather do boxing or grappling.

“I might compete because I’m in an entertainment business, in boxing or in grappling, something that is safer than MMA,” St-Pierre said. “Not MMA. Something that is safer, that has less risks, because I have a lot more to lose and it’s not my priority anymore. And yeah, why not? You know what I mean? If it’s well done and everything. But something like a boxing match with small [gloves], nah, I’m done with it.”

St-Pierre is currently 41-years-old and it’s uncertain at this time if he will compete again and or whom it would be against.

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