Greg Hardy fighting out UFC contract against Aleksei Oleinik at UFC 270: “It’s been a hell of a ride”

By Cole Shelton - January 12, 2022

Greg Hardy knows the stakes are high for his UFC 270 fight against Aleksei Oleinik at UFC 270.

Greg Hardy, Juan Adams, UFC 249

Hardy is set to make the walk to the Octagon for the 10th time but is doing so on the last fight of his UFC deal. He knows he is a big name in the sport and even though he’s on a two-fight losing skid, he asked for the biggest challenge available which came in the form of Aleksei Oleinik.

“My cards do big numbers, I’m always on big cards, I’m always entertaining the crap out of the crowds,” Hardy said to “This is my last contract fight and they are putting me in there with Aleksei. We aren’t picking and choosing, we are fighting fighters and are making our way up.”

Despite the fact that Hardy is a big name due to his success in the NFL, he believes he has always been fighting for his UFC job every time he stepped in there. He is well-aware of the fact that many don’t want to see him succeed, but he says seeing the cutthroat business of the NFL prepared him well for this scenario.

“I’ve been fighting for my job since I got in this. Nothing is guaranteed in the UFC, nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, so it’s my lane. I’m very comfortable in this lane,” Hardy explained. “The last two fights I was fighting for a contract, I promise you.”

Greg Hardy

Image: @ufc on Instagram

Given UFC 270 will be the last fight on Greg Hardy’s contract, he says he hasn’t been promised anything after that. He knows he has to prove he belongs and even with a win, he admits he wouldn’t be surprised if he was let go.

However, Hardy says he has enjoyed every second of being a UFC fighter and doesn’t want that to come to an end after January 22.

“It’s a business. The cool thing about me is I’ve been on the business side for so long. A lot of these guys have been fighting their whole life and haven’t done any business,” Hardy said. “They struggle with the thought of it, the mental of the business side. For me, if I win and he doesn’t sign me again, it’s a thank you because this has been a hell of a show. My fans have loved it, you have loved it, I have had a great time and we are moving on.

“I don’t think I’ll lose. But, if I do and he doesn’t decide to bring me back, it’s the same thing, it’s a pleasure,” Hardy concluded. “He didn’t have to let me in, he didn’t have to let me shine and he did and we had a hell of a time. I think I’ve been on every Conor card, every big card. It’s been a hell of a ride. Just like when I left the (Dallas) Cowboys, I hope I did more than you guys gave me. I think I did and I think I’m going to keep doing it.”

Greg Hardy is currently 7-4 and one No Contest as a pro and 4-4 and one NC in the UFC.

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