Greg Hardy says UFC officials left the door open for an eventual return: “I look forward to going back one day”

By Harry Kettle - June 22, 2022

Greg Hardy has suggested that UFC officials have left the door open for him to potentially return to the promotion one day.

Greg Hardy, Juan Adams, UFC 249

At the age of 33, Greg Hardy has already had a pretty eventful career in mixed martial arts with a 7-5 (1) record to his name. The former NFL star was always viewed as something of a controversial figure in the sport but now that he’s been released by the UFC, he’s ready to explore some new options – including a run in bare-knuckle boxing with BKFC.

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Hardy actually revealed that there’s a chance he could head back over to the UFC in the future.

“My contract was already up so we knew what was up, they hit me up. They said if you get some wrestling going in another promotion, we’d be glad to sign you back, love having you, appreciate you, I sent them my thank yous and love, man. I went looking for where I could throw these hands and I found BKFC.”

“I look forward to going back one day and putting on a show for you guys, maybe bodyslamming somebody for about three rounds once I learn some wrestling.”

Hardy being back in the mix at the elite level isn’t something fans will be overwhelmingly happy to see anytime soon but as a heavyweight, he’s still pretty young. He has time to get back to the grind in the wrestling department and in terms of his power, everybody has seen what he can do when he connects.

Moving forward, it’ll be interesting to see if he attempts to balance MMA alongside BKFC.

What do you think of Greg Hardy’s UFC run? Do you think there’s a chance he could return to the promotion one day and if he does, is that something you’d want to see?


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