Jake Paul claims he’s suffering from memory loss and slurred speech just two years into his boxing career

By Susan Cox - December 17, 2021

Jake Paul, 24, claims he is suffering from mood swings, memory loss, and slurred speech less than two years into his boxing career. Despite this, Paul is scheduled to rematch Tyron Woodley on pay-per-view December 18th, after their first bout ended in a controversial split decision win for the YouTuber.

Jake Paul, Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz

Former UFC champion Tyron Woodley knows he came close to finishing Jake Paul in their first encounter back in August. Woodley was able to rock Paul with a right hand in their first contest, but he never pounced on his injured foe to finish the fight.

This led fans to speculate the fight was fixed and that there was a “no-knockdown” rule stipulated in the contract. ‘The Chosen One’ has made it clear that there was no such clause in the original contract he signed with Jake Paul. Instead, he says his lack of killer instinct in their first match in Cleveland stemmed from a throbbing shoulder.

“My shoulder was f*cking sore,” Woodley said on The MMA Hour (h/t MMAFighting). “I ain’t gonna lie. I wanted to [knock him out] but my shoulder was swollen before and I was just kind of swinging on pure thug energy from MMA, not just giving a hell.”

Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

Opening up concerning his health status prior to his upcoming fight with Woodley, in an interview with journalist Graham Bensinger, Paul said:

“I notice it in conversations with like, with my girlfriend or friends, like, not remembering something that I should be able to remember that happened a couple days ago,” he explained.

“Sometimes in my speech, where like every hundredth or two hundredth word, I’ll mess up or, like, slur. Which I didn’t do that before,” he added.

Paul has also advised that he’s had between 20 and 30 concussions in his life and some of them came from playing football in his youth taking “lots of hard hits”, but many have come during his short time pursuing boxing. 

Prior to his boxing career, Jake Paul had a brain scan done. At that time the doctors confirmed he was suffering from a lack of blood flow in “certain areas”, probably due to concussions he sustained while playing youth football. One area of the impacted region of the brain, the frontal lobe, affects memory and emotional regulation among other things.

After returning for a second brain scan a year later, doctors advised the situation had worsened and advised Paul to leave the boxing sport altogether.

To “combat” his symptoms, Paul has been ingesting psychedelics.

“I’ve experimented with that and it’s definitely helped out,” he told Bensinger, citing “new research and science” he has discovered about the physical impacts of the substance.

All that being said, the fight will go on and Woodley, 39, has vowed to knockout Jake Paul in this weekend’s rematch of their August fight. If he succeeds, the win will snap a five fight losing skid for the former UFC champion.

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