James Krause says he made a “huge coaching error” at UFC Vegas 39 that will “haunt” him for some time

By Chris Taylor - October 9, 2021

James Krause says he made a “huge coaching error” at UFC Vegas 39 that will wind up haunting him for some time to come.

James Krause

Krause (28-8 MMA), a current UFC welterweight fighter, was on coaching duties for tonight’s men’s flyweight bout between his pupil Tim Elliott and opponent Matheus Nicolau.

After the first ten minutes of action, Krause was confident that Elliott had won the opening two rounds and thus did not push Tim to up his work rate in round three.

That decision proved costly, as Matheus Nicolau not only proceeded to dominate the final five minutes of the fight, but was also awarded a unanimous decision victory from the judges in attendance (29-28 x3).

Following the conclusion of today’s event a dejected James Krause took to social media where he suggested that he made a “huge coaching error” this evening.


“I made a huge coaching error tonight that I’m sure is going to haunt me for some time to come. Going into the 3rd round I thought for 100% sure we took 1 and 2. Regardless of if that was true or not I should have pushed Tim to work up in the 3rd… and I didn’t.” James Krause explained. “Win, lose, or draw I’m so proud of the improvements that Tim has made in the last year. His willingness to learn and be coached is what makes him so incredible. His lack of fear in competition is something we can all take and learn from to be one of the best entertainers in all of MMA. I know I have learned so much from him over the years. I f*cking hate losing but it’s part of the game. Regardless, this dude is my dog. We’ve been through worse losses than this one. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… There’s only one @awkward_mma.”

What do you think of James Krause taking some of the blame for Tim Elliott’s loss to Matheus Nicola at today’s UFC Vegas 39 event?



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