Joe Rogan believes Jorge Masvidal is “better” than prime Georges St-Pierre: “I think he is on another level”

By Cole Shelton - March 21, 2023

Joe Rogan thinks Jorge Masvidal would’ve been dangerous for Georges St-Pierre had the two been fighting at the same time.

Jorge Masvidal, Georges St-Pierre

St-Pierre is widely considered to be the greatest welterweight of all time and one of the best fighters ever. However, his title reign ran from 2007 until 2013 and because of that, Rogan says fighters have just evolved to be better mixed martial artists, as he thinks Masvidal is just on another level than St-Pierre ever was, which his guest, Luke Combs – a country singer – didn’t agree with.

“I just think the level of competition he faced is higher. GSP was so good he raised the bar,” Rogan said on his podcast with Combs. “But, you look at GSP’s victories he beat some very good guys but I think the guys Kamaru Usman beat, Colby Covington, Jorge Masvidal, Tyron Woodley, I think they are better.”

Once Joe Rogan said that, Luke Combs cut him off and asked if he really thought Jorge Masvidal was better than Goerges St-Pierre, the UFC commentator doubled down on it.

“Yeah,” Rogan responded when Combs asked him if he really thought Masvidal was on GSP’s level. “I think if Masvidal was around at that time he would be dangerous for everybody, I think he is on another level. I think everyone is on another level, the Masvidal that knocked out Ben Askren, that was one of the craftiest moves that anyone has ever done. He went sideways and ran straight at him and Askren’s instincts kicked in and he kneed him into the dark lands. Just one shoot, boom, into the shadow realm. Masvidal, I mean he knocked out Yves Edwards with a f****g head kick back in the day. He is a f****g assassin. Masvidal is a gangster.”

There is a point that Rogan makes that this generation is much better fighters than the previous due to a variety of reasons. But, St-Pierre is still considered one of the best ever while Masvidal has yet to win a UFC title.

What do you make of Joe Rogan saying Jorge Masvidal is better than Georges St-Pierre?


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