Joe Rogan favors Michael Chandler in potential matchup with Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor, Joe Rogan

UFC commentator Joe Rogan believes Conor McGregor would probably sustain another loss if he was matched up with Michael Chandler.

McGregor last fought in the main event of UFC 257 in January, emerging from a year-long hiatus only to be stopped by Dustin Poirier in the fight’s second round. That setback brought McGregor and Poirier to a 1-1 tie, as McGregor won their first fight by knockout back in 2014, but it still shrouded the Irishman’s future in uncertainty. Though he remains the sport’s biggest star, he’s now 1-2 in the UFC lightweight division, and is in desperate need of a victory if he intends to maintain his reputation as one of the division’s best fighters.

Speaking on a recent edition of his podcast, Rogan opened up on the next move for McGregor. He began by divulging that he’d like to see Poirier fight Charles Oliveira for the vacant lightweight title. He then suggested that McGregor could fight Chandler, who debuted in the UFC with a first-round knockout of Dan Hooker at UFC 257, but added that he believes the Irishman would lose that fight.

“The purist option is Charles Oliveira,” Rogan said, suggesting Poirier fight Oliveira (via MMA Mania). “If you’re a purist you want that fight.

“If you want to make a shitload of money before Conor fights someone else, you have the (Poirier) rematch,” Rogan continued. “Here’s the thing, if Conor fights Michael Chandler next, which is a possibility, if Dustin fights Charles Oliveira and Conor fights Michael Chandler, what are the odds that Conor beats Michael Chandler? I think Michael Chandler is a favorite in that fight, which is very dangerous for your money.”

Michael Chandler is the former Bellator lightweight champion, and after his win over Dan Hooker, the UFC’s No. 4-ranked lightweight. Conor McGregor, meanwhile, now sits at No. 6 in the division’s rankings.

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