Joe Solecki explains the “key” to beating Drakkar Klose at UFC Austin

By Cole Shelton - November 30, 2023

Joe Solecki is excited to fight a well-known guy like Drakkar Klose at UFC Austin.

Joe Solecki

After Solecki picked up a submission win back in February, he said he likely needed some time off to deal with some nagging injuries and the pending birth of his second child.

“I had a couple of things going into the last fight that weren’t healing up,” Solecki said on Just Scrap Radio on “Then, the way everything was laid out was my wife was due with our second child in July so I didn’t want to fight in July, so I would have to fight in June, but I couldn’t get healthy enough in time. Then, after the baby came, we were going to be moving to Charlotte from where I was. So, it was do I want to rush a training camp injured or regroup and have a fresh start after everything.”

Once Joe Solecki got situated and was ready for a fight, he was pumped when he got offered Drakkar Klose at UFC Austin.

Solecki knows Klose is right near the rankings at lightweight, and he will also be fighting in front of fans for the first time since 2019.

“What an opportunity. He’s a highly ranked guy, has a great record, and has been in there with some really great fighters and a tough challenge,” Solecki said. “A fun puzzle to crack. These are who we want to fight, guys I respect who are also respected in the sport. The fact it is in Austin is even better.”

Although Joe Solecki was excited to get a veteran like Drakkar Klose at UFC Austin, he knows it will be a difficult fight for him. Solecki knows Klose is very well-rounded and both are extremely durable which likely means it will go the distance.

But, if Solecki is going to pull off the upset at UFC Austin, he believes he needs to be the one going forward and putting the pace on Klose.

“It’s a fun fight because it’s one of those where we can display everything we have been working on. This guy is great everywhere, it’s going to bring the best out of me… I think it will have to be a scrap, it won’t be clean, unless someone catches someone early. If a fight unfolds, we are going to have to beat him everywhere,” Joe Solecki said. “He’s been durable, but he logs most of his wins by decision by besting guys. Putting a pace on him is going to be key, I need to see if I can put pressure on him and back him up and go after his gas tank.”

Should Joe Solecki get his hand raised at UFC Austin, he knows it will boost him up the lightweight ranks. But his focus is just on this fight and being more active in 2024.

“A win over Drakkar will do good things for your career,” Solecki concluded.


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