Jon Anik shares his disappointment on the current state of MMA Judging: “I’m not sure the state of MMA judging has ever been worse”

By Harry Kettle - December 21, 2022

UFC commentator Jon Anik has given his thoughts on the current state of judging in mixed martial arts.

Jon Anik, UFC Fight Island

Over the course of the last few weeks, fans and pundits have pointed out a string of questionable decisions in the world of MMA. From UFC to Bellator and beyond, it feels as if bad choices from judges are being made every other night.

Doug Crosby has been responsible for quite a few, with one example being Paddy Pimblett’s win over Jared Gordon.

Either way, though, the majority of viewers aren’t particularly confident that things will be changing anytime soon. They could, but the majority of commissions would rather avoid the headache altogether.

Jon Anik, best known as the voice of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, recently tweeted out his own thoughts on the situation as more and more questions are raised.

“I’m not sure the state of MMA judging has ever been worse, quite frankly. I’m looking forward to getting back to Vegas next year to have some conversations…”

Anik gets serious

When called out by a critic who questioned Jon’s role in the ordeal, he came back with the following retort.

“Respectfully, this is wicked insulting. I’ve spent dozens of hours speaking with commissioners, referees, judges, and scoring experts over the last two years and dedicated a ton of time to this on @AnikFlorianPod . Didn’t say I can 100% effect change but I can be heard.”

Anik, alongside the rest of us, is sick of seeing big fights being somewhat spoiled by the judges. Moving forward, we all hope that some kind of solution can stem from these issues.

What do you think about Jon Anik’s judging remarks? How quickly do you believe there will be changes put in place? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments, BJPENN Nation!


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