Jon Anik suggests interesting solution to weight-cutting issues after Mike Perry scale fail

By Tom Taylor - November 20, 2020

UFC commentator Jon Anik has suggested an interesting solution to MMA’s weight-cutting issues after a grievous scale fail from Mike Perry.

Jon Anik

Perry is slated to take on Tim Means on the main card of UFC 255 this Saturday. On Friday morning, he stepped onto the scale to weigh in for the fight, but missed the 171 welterweight limit by a significant 4.5 pounds.

Unfortunately, Perry is far from the first fighter to miss weight for a fight, and the practice of extreme weight-cutting is also very dangerous.

Anik, who will be on commentary duty for UFC 255, has a solution in mind. Fighters who miss weight

“Best solution I’ve heard for penalizing fighters who have missed weight: You are fighting for a no-contest; can’t get a win if you aren’t able to compete at the contracted weight,” Anik suggested. “That’d be quite the deterrent, I’d think.”

This suggestion Anik generated plenty of interesting responses—some from people who supported the idea, others from people who were against it.

Belal Muhammed, a top UFC welterweight, was among those in support of this proposal from Anik.

“Oooh not bad,” he wrote.

Other commenters, however, were not so receptive of Anik’s idea, including former UFC PR exec Ant Evans.

“Really hate it, mate,” he wrote. “Interim champions – ie champions who aren’t champions – is embarrassing enough to explain to new fans. Guy who knocked out the other guy but doesn’t hold an actual ‘win’ over him would absurdly embarrassing.”

What do you think of this suggestion from Jon Anik?


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