Khamzat Chimaev takes aim at “fake gangster” Nake Diaz: “I’m here to kill everyone”

By Adam Martin - December 2, 2021

UFC welterweight contender Khamzat Chimaev took aim at “fake gangster” Nake Diaz, saying that “I’m here to kill everyone.”

Khamzat Chimaev

Chimaev is one of the hottest fighters on the UFC roster right now. Since making his promotional debut on Fight Island in July 2020, Chimaev has had four fights and has won all four of them by stoppage, absorbing an incredible one significant strikes in four fights. What “Borz” has been doing has been incredible to watch, and there are many fans and media who believe he could be in line to get a title shot at 170lbs in 2022. But before he gets the title shot, the UFC wants him to fight at least once more, preferably against Diaz.

Diaz has been offered the fight with Chimaev by the UFC, but he is not interested in it, telling TMZ in an interview on Thursday that he has no interest in the fight vs. Chimaev.

“They’re coming at me with Khamzat, and I’m like, ‘hold on, don’t disrespect me like that, trying to offer me a fight with a rookie.’ I’m cool, you got 4 fights in the UFC. Don’t even talk my name,” Diaz said.

In response to what Diaz said, Chimaev sent out a series of tweets on Thursday night going after the Stockton native. Check out what Chimaev responded to Diaz with below.

You fake gangster @NateDiaz209 and I don’t care who to fight i’m coming for everybody, where are you all the gangsters and kings ? i’m here to kill everyone i’m the king here i’m a gangster here

you are the easiest money for me thin @NateDiaz209

Say hello to your older brother, tell him not to be afraid of me, I don’t beat old people, he knows what I mean, in Vegas I just wanted to say hello well, poor man ran away @NateDiaz209

Do you hope the UFC books this welterweight bout between Nate Diaz and Khamzat Chimaev, and who do you think wins the fight?


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