Manager Ali Abdelaziz says Frankie Edgar will ‘whoop Conor McGregor’s ass’

By Adam Martin - October 10, 2019

Manager Ali Abdelaziz says that Frankie Edgar ‘will still whoop Conor McGregor’s ass’ despite being at a size disadvantage if they do end up fighting.

Frankie Edgar, Conor McGregor

The manager of Dominance MMA spoke at this week’s media event in Los Angeles about a potential fight between his client Edgar and McGregor. Abdelaziz says he likes this fight for Edgar and believes that despite being smaller, Edgar will still beat McGregor.

Here’s what Abdelaziz told’s Jose Youngs.

“I think Conor called out Frankie, but he had the chance five years ago to fight Frankie (at UFC 189) and chose to fight Chad Mendes coming off a 45-year hunting trip,” Abdelaziz said. “Now he’s going to fight Frankie, (when) Frankie’s going to 35. Frankie will still whoop his ass. Believe me. Frankie will still whoop his ass any day of the week.”

For his part, Edgar spoke to week to ESPN and said he wants to fight McGregor, but admits the ball’s in the court of the Irish superstar at the moment.

“I told him I want to fight him,” Edgar said (via ESPN). “I told the UFC I want to fight him. But honestly, I don’t think the UFC wants that fight. I don’t know whether they don’t want it because they don’t want him to lose to me or they don’t think they can build it. I don’t know what it is. But ultimately, I think it’s up to him. I think if he forces it, it could happen. The ball is in his court. He can make the call. Conor, if you want to do this, let’s do it, baby.”

At this point, we have no confirmation if the UFC is going to book Edgar vs. McGregor, or if they even want the fight to happen. But if was up to Abdelaziz and Edgar, not to mention McGregor’s own coach, they’d get McGregor to sign on the dotted line as soon as possible.

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