Mark Hunt blasts Jon Jones and the Ultimate Fighting Championship ahead of UFC 285: “All they do is promote steroid using rats like this loser”

By Jeffrey Walter - March 4, 2023

Former heavyweight contender Mark Hunt has taken aim at Jon Jones and the Ultimate Fighting Championship ahead of UFC 285.

Mark Hunt, UFC

Jones (26-1 MMA) will be returning to the Octagon for the first time in over three years this evening in Las Vegas for a heavyweight title fight opposite Ciryl Gane.

It is a highly anticipated matchup and one that has received a ton of promotion from Dana White and The Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Jon Jones, Ciryl Gane, UFC 285

While many fans and analysts are excited to see Jon Jones return to action, former UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt is singing a very different tune.

The Super Samoan recently took to social media where he blasted his former employer for their promotion of a “steroid using rodent” like ‘Bones’.

“Sik of this rat company up on my feed. All they do is promote steroid using rats like this loser,” Hunt wrote on his official Facebook page. “Listen up. It’s the world heavyweight title of a worthless rubbish belt worth nothing. U got a steroid using rodent (Jon Jones) who runs over pregnant women and hides under the Octagon when USADA is trying to drug test this rodent. UFC = joke belt. The only thing u are the world champion of is being exploited. That’s why @ufc will never be credible because they have rodents like this being considered GOAT. #ALIACT and dasseeeiiitt.”

This is obviously not the first time that Mark Hunt has scolded the Ultimate Fighting Championship for their antics and credibility.

The knockout artist filed a lawsuit against the UFC back in 2017, claiming that the organization allowed Brock Lesnar to compete against him despite ‘The Beast’ testing positive for banned substances before and after the event.

While Mark Hunt obviously has no plans of watching tonight’s UFC 285 main event, the pay-per-view fight card is trending to do big numbers.

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