Michael Bisping defends comments from UFC Vegas 17 after being accused of throwing shade at Belal Muhammad, Mike Perry and Niko Price

By Adam D Martin - December 20, 2020

Michael Bisping defended his comments from UFC Vegas 17 after being accused of throwing shade at Belal Muhammad, Mike Perry, and Niko Price.

Michael Bisping, Super Bowl

Bisping, the former UFC middleweight champion, is one of the UFC’s color commentators and he worked the desk on Saturday night alongside former UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and Brendan Fitzgerald. On Saturday night during the main event between Stephen Thompson and Geoff Neal, Bisping made a comment about the fighters who Neal beat on his win streak including Muhammad, Perry, and Price, insinuating that they aren’t on the same level that Thompson is.

Considering Thompson picked apart Neal for five rounds en route to a unanimous decision, once again proving there are levels to this game, Bisping’s comment wasn’t exactly out of touch when you think about how easily Neal got through those other fighters mentioned. However, it didn’t stop one fan from taking to social media and complaining about Bisping’s comments. In turn, “The Count” ripped the fan for his comments. Check out what Bisping wrote on his Twitter to the upset fan below.

Good try dipshit. They are amazing fighters, but they don’t have the body of work that Stephen does, 57-0 as a kickboxer and 2 world title attempts to his name and main event in ufc god knows how many times. Pointing that out is not throwing shade.

In this case, it looked like this fan was trying to flex by tagging the other fighters in the discussion, and rather than letting the fan win, Bisping got out ahead of things and ripped the fan before the fighters got a chance to respond. Although Bisping and other commentators always have to keep in mind that people may be offended by their comments from time to time, at the end of the day, they have to call the fights like they are, and if Bisping thought there was a point to be made here, then so be it.

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