Michael Bisping inspires new rap song

By Natasha Hooper - October 16, 2019

Michael Bisping has become a source of inspiration in the music industry.

Michael Bisping

Genesis Elijah is a 38-year old British rapper who released a song called Bisping on Twitter. In the lyrics, he discussed the struggle of overcoming hurdles and maintaining faith in yourself. He sampled Michael Bisping’s inspiring speech at the beginning of the song.

“If I lose this fight I go back to the drawing board of course, but I ain’t gonna stop. I ain’t gonna stop until I get that belt and I keep working towards it. And I think that’s what everyone needs to realise. Any young fighters out there, or whatever it is in life that you’re trying to achieve; you’re gonna get setbacks; you’re gonna get knocked out; you’re gonna get hurdles; people telling you to go away, you’re not good enough, whatever. Keep working, keep trying. You’ve got to be dedicated, you’ve got to have a plan. Regardless of how outlandish it sounds, if you put a plan in place and take those first steps you’re one step closer to achieving your goals.”

Michael Bisping had to overcome great adversity in his fighting career, including his first loss against Luke Rockhold in 2014. His rival submitted him in the second round, however, ‘The Count’ got the opportunity to avenge his loss. Two years later, he took a rematch opportunity at the last minute against Rockhold and starched him with some hefty punches. As a result, he claimed the middleweight championship belt and became the first UK UFC champion.

Bisping is a fighting icon, especially in the UK. So, it’s not surprising that the London based rapper could find inspiration in the British fighter’s story and rise to success.

At the end of the song, Genesis Elijah said, “Shout out to Michael Bisping, respect to The Count. Big up to everyone who made it when they said they couldn’t.”

Bisping retweeted the song which you can listen to here:

Genesis Elijah responded to Bisping’s retweet. On Twitter, he said,


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