Michael Bisping reacts to Conor McGregor’s alleged SUV incident

By Fernando Quiles - October 18, 2019

Michael Bisping caught wind of Conor McGregor allegedly being banned from a club and he isn’t exactly sold on the story.

Conor McGregor

A report from Insider.com claims that McGregor’s entourage has been accused of forcing a bottle service girl into their SUV after spending some time inside Delilah, a restaurant/club in Los Angeles. The report claims that one eyewitness said you could see “fear” in the eyes of the bottle girl as she was allegedly put over McGregor’s shoulder and then passed onto another member of the “Notorious” one’s entourage.

There was a second eyewitness in the Insider.com report, who claimed that the woman was “freaking out” in the back of the SUV. The witness also said that the manager of Delilah threatened to call the police before the woman made her exit and returned to the restaurant/club.

During an edition of his Believe You Me podcast, Michael Bisping took aim at the witnesses of the alleged incident.


“I’m like hold on a minute,” Michael Bisping said. “Listen I’m not sticking up for him, but how the f*ck do you know she [had] fear? ‘Ooh, and I saw fear in her eyes.’ How do you know it wasn’t arousal? Excitement? And who hasn’t picked up a woman and thrown her over [their] shoulder? Come on, that’s a Friday night out. So yeah it sounds like they had a wild night, a little rowdy night.”

Bisping went on to say that he was amused at a part in the report that claims McGregor returned to the restaurant over a month later and exited without paying his bill.

“Well, it says that he got banned and then he went back and then he left without paying his bill [laughs],” Michael Bisping continued. “Which good for him, that’s a big f*ck you. I go there, I have a good night, I spend some money, and then you let this scandal come out. By the way, I’m not sticking up for McGregor I’m just having a laugh at the story. And so the next time he goes there he says, ‘you know I’m gonna go, I’m not paying my check.'”


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