Michael Bisping reacts to newly announced Dan Hardy vs Diego Sanchez boxing match: “Why? That’s crazy!”

By Harry Kettle - April 23, 2022

MMA analyst Michael Bisping has reacted to the news that Dan Hardy will face Diego Sanchez in an exhibition boxing match.


When it was announced that Ricky Hatton would be returning to the ring for an exhibition bout, many fans were equally intrigued and a bit put off by the idea. Still, at the very least, it gives them the chance to see “The Hitman” in the ring one more time before he hangs them up for good.

The most confusing part of the card was hidden away on the official website before being officially announced – Dan Hardy vs Diego Sanchez in an exhibition boxing showdown.

Michael Bisping, who knows Hardy quite well, had some thoughts on the situation in a recent episode of his podcast.


“Dan Hardy and Diego Sanchez, I mean, for f*** sake. Listen, if you’re gonna fight, just f***ing fight. Stop talking about it, no offence to the guy, you know what I mean? Listen, Dan had a great career back in the day but he hasn’t fought since 2012. He has talked about coming back consistently for the last 10 years. Diego Sanchez, is this a kickboxing fight?”

After discovering it was a standard exhibition boxing match, Bisping couldn’t quite get his head around it.

“Why? That’s crazy.”

“It’s gonna favour Dan Hardy. Diego is tough as f***, he’s been around forever. Dan, whilst he hasn’t been active, he’s one of those guys who isn’t a drinker, he still works out, and he hasn’t had any impact to the head for the last 10 years.”

Who do you think will win – Diego Sanchez or Dan Hardy?


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