Michael Chandler plans to “slice through” Conor McGregor in their upcoming UFC fight: “Bludgeon him with both of these hands”

By Harry Kettle - March 6, 2023

UFC fighter Michael Chandler has issued a warning to Conor McGregor ahead of their showdown later this year.

Michael Chandler

Right now, Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor are busy filming the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter. As noted by Dana White, things have gotten pretty heated in recent days and weeks.

All of this serves as a build-up to what will be a scintillating clash between the pair later this year. Nobody knows when it’s going to happen, or at what weight, but we do know that’s what the UFC is planning.

McGregor seems ready, Chandler seems ready, and the fans are excited to see their interactions on TUF.

During a recent interview at UFC 285, Chandler let everyone know what he plans to do to ‘Notorious’.

“That’s exactly who we want – the biggest combat sports star and icon that we have ever seen thinking he’s going to come back and slice through somebody,” Chandler said. “That’s exactly what we want. That gains intrigue. It builds the momentum, it builds the mystique of who he is and us putting butts in seats. That’s exactly what we want. I can tell you this: It’s definitely not going to happen. I can tell you this: I see it going a much different way.”

Chandler calls his shot

“I think I’ve seen enough of Conor over the last couple weeks to know that I am going to not just slice through him, but bludgeon him with both of these hands and do whatever I want, both standing or on the ground, and finish him by the second round. That’s my ‘Mystic (Mac)’, my prediction, and I stand behind it.”

Quotes via MMA Junkie

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