Miesha Tate clarifies OnlyFans remarks: “I was being harassed and responded jokingly. This is being taken way out of context”

By Susan Cox - January 14, 2022

Miesha Tate, who recently booked her flyweight debut opposite Lauren Murphy, has clarified her previous remarks about OnlyFans.


It appears that Tate, 35, joked that she wasn’t desperate enough to make an OnlyFans account during an interview with Shakiel Mahjouri.

In a YouTube video while answering questions about her aspirations for 2022 Miesha Tate shut down a potential venture onto OnlyFans, while claiming she hadn’t said she was ‘desperate’. ‘Cupcake’ believes her comment was just in jest and it has been spun into a media frenzy.

This comment created outrage with fans & fighters alike suggesting that Jessica Andrade, Paige VanZant, Kay Hansen and others were ‘desperate’ in their decisions to join the platform.

Taking to Twitter ‘Cupcake’ commented:

“Ladies this was taken way out of context, I had some fans harassing me insinuating I needed to start an only fans. I responded jokingly, this was not a statement I made about other women. I appreciate we can all have our own choices and I support women 100.%”

Apparently that tweet did little to change social media opinions so Miesha Tate took to Twitter again to apologize, saying she had simply made a mistake:

“I am truly sorry I have friends in the industry and I support that 100%. In no way shape or form was it my intention to put anyone down, I am only human I let someone make me mad and what I said to them was not a rep of how I feel about this as a whole.”

Miesha Tate (19-8 MMA) is set to get back in the ring to fight Lauren Murphy (15-5 MMA) in the flyweight division at UFC 273 on April 9th.

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