Mike Perry believes he’s in a ‘do or die’ situation at UFC 245

By Natasha Hooper - December 12, 2019

Mike Perry is preparing to fight Geoff Neal in a welterweight bout at UFC 245 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. As the December 14 event speedily approaches, Perry is keeping his eyes on the prize.

Mike Perry

“I’m trying to stay calmer than ever,” Perry told MMA Junkie.

“I don’t think I let the games I play get in my way. I try not to let them distract me. I try to stay focused on the task, which is getting the win. But I’ve kind of got a no-nonsense type of opponent. So I’m going to bring that same mentality. It’s no-nonsense.

“I really feel like it’s do or die this weekend. It’s life or death. It’s kill or be killed. So I’m very serious – which, it’s hard to be the fun guy when you’re feeling that way. I feel like my whole job is on the line. My whole life is on the line.”

“Platinum” is a fan favourite due to his entertaining personality and antics inside and outside the Octagon. However, the welterweight is a changed man since his infamous bout against Vicente Luque in August 2019. His grisly broken nose was a deciding factor that forced Perry to take his fights more seriously.

“I’ve got to say the broken nose helped, that maybe helped me take it more serious. It’s not like I wasn’t taking it seriously,” said Mike Perry.

“(But) this guy is out here training, trying to kill me. I’ve got to do the same – the pain and suffering. I thought I was going to be a hideous creature after my nose got separated.

“The mindset is I don’t want to let these guys hurt me. But at the same time that made me think, ‘OK, forget backing up. Forget trying to stick and move.’ I’m going to go forward. If I’m going to bleed, then I’m going to cover you in my blood. I’m going to bleed all over you. Because if I’m going to get hit, and I can take it, I might as well just go forward and show you you can’t push me back.

“… (Expletives) are going to bleed,” Perry concluded. “That’s for sure.”

This article first appeared on BJPENN.com on 12/12/2019. 


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