“Nate Diaz is a bona fide female dog” – MMA fighter Carrese Archer responds after going viral for fake punch incident

By Susan Cox - December 20, 2021

During the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley event in Tampa, Florida, Nate Diaz threw a fake punch at what was thought to be a fan in the audience.

Nate Diaz, Dana White, UFC

Diaz (20-13 MMA) was in attendance to watch his training partner Chris Avila earn a majority decision win over Anthony ‘Pretty Boy’ Taylor at the Amalie Arena.

At some point during the event, Nate Diaz was captured walking down the seating entrance path where he faked throwing a punch at a individual, resulting in the man throwing his beer (see that here).

However, this was no fan – it was a professional MMA fighter named Carrese Archer. Archer, nicknamed ‘One Punch’, who has a 2-6-0 record and faced welterweight Khaos Williams back in 2017.

Nate Diaz, Paul vs. Woodley 2, UFC

Nate Diaz involved in scuffle at Paul vs. Woodley 2

Shortly following the incident, Archer shared a video on Instagram, requesting UFC President Dana White sign him up for a fight against Nate Diaz, advising he could put Diaz away in the 1st round at the octagon.

‘One Punch’ commented:

“Hello world, I see a lot of laughter. Everybody laughing, same thing, make you laugh, make you cry. Nate Diaz is a bona fide female dog. He has the security protecting him and you go flinch on me and try to sucker punch me when I am not paying attention and you all think this man is a gangster? I think the world is f***ed up and confused around here. When they think about what is a real gangster. I am a real street dog. I’m in the streets, believe that. Anybody that knows me knows how ‘One Punch’ rock it… Anyway, back to why I’m making this video, Dana White, I see you made a post and you laughed and you thought it was funny. I bet you won’t think it’s funny, you sign me for one fight and I knock Nate Diaz the f**k out in the first round.”

Nate Diaz has not competed since June’s UFC 263 event, where he ultimately suffered a unanimous decision defeat to Leon Edwards.

Will UFC President Dana White take up the challenge of putting Carrese Archer in the ring against Nate Diaz, probably not. But crazier things have happened in MMA.

Would you like to see Archer vs Diaz and if so, could Archer actually win? Share your prediction in the comment section PENN Nation!


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