Paige VanZant says she “did not pull” from her BKFC 27 fight: “I worked my f*****g ass off to be pulled a week before”

By Cole Shelton - August 16, 2022

Paige VanZant is not a fan of BKFC pulling her from her BKFC 27 fight on Saturday in London, England.

Paige VanZant, BKFC

VanZant was supposed to serve as the co-main event against Charisa Sigala in a pivotal fight for her BKFC career. It was the last fight of her deal and David Feldman had said if ’12 Gauge’ lost that would be it for her career.

Yet, just days before the event, it was revealed that VanZant’s fight was moved to headline BKFC 31 in Denver, Colorado on October 15. Although VanZant is still fighting, the former UFC fighter is not happy that her fight has been pulled just four days before she was scheduled to compete.

“I did not pull from my fight! I was pulled! I am pissed off and heartbroken! I worked my f*****g ass off to be pulled a week before I am supposed to compete,” VanZant wrote, with the caption being “THIS IS OUT OF MY CONTROL!!! I WENT AN ENTIRE CAMP AND WEIGHT CUT TO BE PULLED A WEEK OUT!!!!”

It is unknown as to why BKFC decided to pull the VanZant vs. Sigala fight was removed from BKFC 27 on Saturday. Early reports said it was on VanZant’s side, but in her statement, she made it clear she was ready to fight on Saturday night.

VanZant has not fought since July of last year when she lost to Ostovich by decision. Before signing with BKFC, ’12 Gauge’ fought in the UFC and went 8-5 in MMA including going 5-4 inside the Octagon with wins over Ostovich, Bec Rawlings, Alex Chambers, Felice Herrig, and Kallin Curran.

Charisa Sigala, meanwhile, is 1-2-1 in BKFC and fought Angela Danzig to a draw last time out.

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