Photo | Henry Cejudo continues to troll Alex Volkanovski in hopes of featherweight title opportunity

Henry Cejudo, Ryan Garcia
Image via @ufc on Instagram

Former UFC two-weight world champion Henry Cejudo continues to troll Alexander Volkanovski and campaign for a shot at the Featherweight Championship.

While Cejudo may have retired in the wake of his win over Dominick Cruz earlier this summer, it’s clear to see that “Triple C” is still very much interested in the prospect of becoming the first fighter in UFC history to win a title in three different weight classes.

Regardless of whether or not that dream will ever become a reality, he’s certainly doing everything he can to try and tempt Volkanovski into taking the fight against him.

“Alex keeps wanting to play kids games like duck duck cejudo. @danawhite @alexvolkanovski”

As he’s already stated in the past, though, Volkanovski isn’t exactly too impressed by the tactics that Cejudo has been using to try and make the fight happen.

“He definitely lives up to his name when it’s the cringe, but I always thought the cringe was just things he said, but now it’s getting cringey how much he’s begging for a title fight,” Volkanovski told Submission Radio of Cejudo. “He just doesn’t stop. It’s cringey how you retire, and you call out everyone, stirring shit everywhere. It just seems like he’s even stirring the pot in the divisions that he retired in. He’s still getting lippy to some of the guys back down there, but obviously he’s calling me out. And again, if it was gonna happen it was earlier in the year. But again, I’ve got a division to hold and I’ve got my eye on the division. I want these number one contenders. And if for some reason the UFC pushed that [Cejudo fight] on me, like I said, I’ve got to get paid for it, because it’s just a waste of time for me, I believe. A waste of time for the division.”

“He’s done great things in flyweight and bantamweight, but I mean, featherweight is whole different beast,” Volkanovski added, giving Cejudo some props. “That’s why it’s never been done. I get why he wants to chase it. It makes sense. Again, it’s a win-win for him. I go out there and mop the floor with him, ‘ah yeah, he’s a lot bigger, blah, blah, blah’. That’s why it just doesn’t make sense for me, cause everyone’s just going to sort of expect me to go out there and mop the floor. And that’s pretty much exactly what’s going to happen. No disrespect to Henry Cejudo, but it’s a whole different breed in this division. So, it would just be a waste of time.”

Does a fight between Henry Cejudo and Alexander Volkanovski interest you?

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