PHOTO | Niko Price shows off battle scars one week after war with Vicente Luque

By Harry Kettle - May 19, 2020

UFC welterweight Niko Price has shown off the war wounds he sustained in his epic battle with Vicente Luque at UFC 249 in Jacksonville.

Niko Price

Price is well known for his ability to steal the show on any card the UFC puts him on, and while he may not always come out on top, he almost always gives fans what they came to see in the form of thrilling entertainment and drama.

He certainly lived up to that promise against Luque, even though he did come up short after a doctor stoppage in the third round.

Many viewers were notably concerned with the state of Price’s eye in the immediate aftermath of the fight, but one week on, he’s certainly improving.

It says a lot about the UFC 249 card that this bout between Price and Luque still wasn’t one of the big talking points after the event, despite many believing it should’ve been given the Fight of the Night honors.

In addition to that, fans questioned Price being given a reported payout of $57,000 whereas his opponent, Vicente Luque, was awarded a far larger $180,000. While that may just be how the fight game plays out sometimes, it reiterates the need for these fighters to come together and unionize in order to get the kind of pay they feel they deserve.

In terms of Price, though, it’s probably going to be a little while before we see him back in the Octagon. While he has been able to fight three times a year since 2016, there are going to be many, many fighters scratching and clawing to get on a card between now and the end of 2020.

He needs to rest up and take some time away from the sport to be with his family, but given his warrior mentality, he could well be back in the gym right now.


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