Randy Brown wants fines increased for missing weight following opponent’s weigh-in fail at UFC Vegas 39

By Adam D Martin - October 8, 2021

UFC welterweight Randy Brown wants to see the fines increased for missing weight following his opponent’s weigh-in fail before UFC Vegas 39.

Randy Brown

Brown stepped onto the scale at 170.5lbs, a shade under the 171lbs non-title welterweight limit at Friday’s UFC Vegas 39 weigh-ins, but his opponent failed to make the weight. Jared Gooden stepped onto the scale at 174lbs, and Brown then had to decide whether or not to accept the fight. He ultimately decided that he would take the fight as planned, with a 20% purse fine for Gooden. That means Brown will get 20% of Gooden’s purse win or lose. However, Gooden is still a relative newcomer to the UFC, so the extra money isn’t much.

Taking to his social media after Gooden missed weight, Brown shared his side of the situation. Though clearly frustrated by the situation, Brown decided to take the fight. However, he believes that purse fines need to be higher for cases where fighters miss weight. As far as Brown goes, Gooden should have lost 50% of his purse for his infraction.

Dude misses weigh by 4 1/2 lbs lol. ok i get 20 % from purse, but the issue is homie only got 3 fights in the UFC. He’s prob making like 15grand. So i get 20% of That in exchange for a weight advantage smh. Gotta start hitting these dudes for like 50% #unapologeticallyoverweight

Brown is likely right in that the fines for weight misses seem to be inconsistent, and quite frankly, not enough when someone misses weight. While Gooden is giving up 20% of his purse, he will have a weight advantage in the fight. Perhaps a new system could be in place, where a fighter is fined 10% per pound missed. In that case, Brown would have gotten 30% of Gooden’s purse instead of 20%, which seems a bit more fair to him.

Do you agree with Randy Brown that the fines should be heavier for UFC fighters that miss weight?


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