Report | UFC 286 ticket prices are the second highest for any sporting event in 2023

By Harry Kettle - February 28, 2023

According to a recent report from Slots Online Canada, UFC 286 will be one of the most expensive sporting events of the year to attend.

Leon Edwards, FUC 286

It’s no secret that UFC events are expensive. Whether it be going to watch them live or on ESPN+, you’ll have to fork out a bit of cash to catch the action. In many ways, you could even make the argument that the ticket prices are one of the reasons why the promotion has been so successful.

Whether you believe that or not, though, it seems that’s certainly the case for UFC 286. The event, which will take place in London, will be headlined by Leon Edwards vs Kamaru Usman 3.

It comes nine months after Edwards shocked the world by knocking Usman out to win the UFC welterweight championship.

However, as you can see in the below picture from MMA Mania, it’ll cost an arm and a leg for fans to attend.

Most expensive sporting events in 2023 (by average ticket price $)

Super Bowl LVII – $9,378

UFC 286 – $4,460

Kentucky Derby – $2,660

The Masters – $2,650

Canadian Grand Prix – $2,332

Austin Grand Prix – $1,604

Mexico Grand Prix – $1,437

Miami Grand Prix – $1,416

Las Vegas Grand Prix – $1,400

WrestleMania 39 – $1,028

It may be worth noting that in some cases, the ticket prices may be this high as a result of scalpers. These individuals will buy and then resell tickets at insanely high prices.

UFC 286 is obviously going to be a huge event. It’s just frustrating, then, that a lot of fans will be priced out of attending.

The UFC could certainly do more to clamp down on issues such as these. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be top of their priority list.

What do you think about the ticket prices for UFC 286? Is this an event you’d consider attending if you had the money? Let us know in the comments, BJPENN Nation!


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