Sean Woodson wants to be known as “a fan-friendly fighter,” expects to KO Luis Saldana at UFC 278: “I feel really strong and confident that I will get the knockout”

By Cole Shelton - August 15, 2022

Sean Woodson is ready to make the walk to the Octagon again and will do so in front of fans at UFC 278.

Sean Woodson

Woodson hasn’t fought since November of last year when he scored a first-round TKO over Collin Anglin. Although it was a quick finish, Woodson broke his hand again which kept him out of the Octagon for several months again.

“After my last one, I got out there pretty quick but unfortunately I broke my hand again, it’s the same hand I broke against Youssef Zalal,” Woodson said to “I broke my hand in June against Youssef and they told me to take six months off but I fought five months later because I was itching to get back in there so it’s probably why I broke it again as I rushed the recovery. This time around, I listened to my doctor and took the time off and made sure it healed properly.”

Once Woodson was healthy, he was offered to face Luis Saldana at UFC 278 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although Saldana is just 2-1 in the UFC, Woodson knows it’s a very fun fight on paper which is why he thinks it’s happening.

“It’s an exciting matchup, he’s a real well-rounded guy but likes to strike as I do. He comes to fight every time,” Woodson said. “The matchmakers know what they are doing with this one, we both prefer to stand and strike and they know that is what the fans want to see so I think it should be a fun one for the fans.”

With Sean Woodson expecting to be a striking fight, he is confident he will be able to use his reach advantage effectively.

Once he starts piecing up Saldana, Woodson expects Saldana to force his shots which will lead to him catching him and getting the KO win.

“Anything can happen, it’s hard to know exactly how it will play out but I see this being a finish. I don’t know what round it will be but I will be hunting for it bell-to-bell and I feel really strong and confident that I will get the knockout,” Woodson said. “I know the fans and the UFC wants to see a finish so I plan to make the most of it every time I’m out there to be a fan-friendly fighter and get those knockouts.”

If Woodson gets the stoppage win as he desires, he says his goal is to return later this year and hopes it is against a notable opponent.

“I’ll be 4-1 in the UFC with back-to-back finishes and that should get me a more known guy next. But, the main thing is I want to fight one more time this year, I’ve already told my manager that is my plan as I want to make up for the lost time,” Woodson concluded.

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