Tai Tuivasa buries Greg Hardy on social media: “Don’t talk sh*t after I already f*cked you up!”

By Adam D Martin - July 19, 2021

UFC heavyweight contender Tai Tuivasa buried Greg Hardy on social media, telling him “don’t talk sh*t after I already f*cked you up!”


Tuivasa knocked out Hardy in a heavyweight bout that took place on last weekend’s UFC 264 pay-per-view card. Following the fight, Hardy shared a post on his own social media where he accepted the loss and congratulated Tuivasa on his win. Apparently, though, Hardy has been saying some negative remarks about the Aussie since then, and Tuivasa is having none of it. On Monday, the lovable heavyweight took to his Instagram where he posted a series of photos trashing Hardy and telling him to stop talking smack about him.


@greghardyjr chicken dance bruuuh hahaha imma leave this here and let you fink about some fings ok ! Or I’ll come there and smack your other eye you eyeguy talk to much end up on your back I’m a man I hit back uce #bambam #FTA #westernsydney #totheworld #ESSSHHHAAAAYYYY #talkshitgethit



guy ok I’m putting my phone away now !!! But don’t talk sh*t after I already f*cked you up !!! Can meet up whenever wherever my bred #bambam #FTA #westernsydney #imnotheoneucccce #princeoffuckall

It’s unclear exactly what Hardy said that triggered Tuivasa, but with the numerous references to the chicken dance, it’s possible that Hardy said something about him putting Tuivasa on roller skates in the first minute of their fight. Of course, Tuivasa was able to weather the storm and finish Hardy soon after with some heavy punches. While Tuivasa got the last laugh when he knocked Hardy out in a devastating fashion, it seems like there is still some unfinished business between these two, and perhaps the UFC will have these two run it back sometime later down the road given that they do not like each other one bit.

What do you think is next for Tai Tuivasa after knocking out Greg Hardy?


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