Tai Tuivasa explains why he’s finally chasing the UFC heavyweight title: “My son thinks I’m pretty s**t unless I have a belt”

By Cole Shelton - September 1, 2022

Tai Tuivasa says his goal is to finally become a UFC champion.

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Tuivasa is set to headline UFC Paris against Ciryl Gane and should he win, his next fight could very well be for the title. For the longest time, Tuivasa admits he was fighting because he loved it but a recent conversation with his son changed everything.

“[I first considered winning a title] just probably a couple of months ago when my son brought the fact that I don’t have a belt up,” Tuivasa told Yahoo Sports. “That was really kind of the only time I ever really thought about it. And now, I’m like, ‘OK, well, my son thinks I’m pretty s**t unless I have a belt. So I suppose it’s time to get a belt.’”

Heading into UFC Paris, Tai Tuivasa is sporting a five-fight winning streak and coming off a KO win over Derrick Lewis. He has looked better after losing three in a row but is still a major underdog heading into his bout against Gane.

Although Tuivasa is a massive underdog and many are ruling him out due to Gane’s skills, the Aussie believes he has yet to show his complete himself. With that, he is confident he will silence the home crowd and get his hand raised.

“His speed, his athleticism, the way he moves [are what makes him so difficult],” Tuivasa said. “I think it’s all obvious. We know what he’s good at. And I’m sure he knows what I’m good at. But I think what I’m good at is not known until it’s known, if that makes sense… Obviously, as a fighter, you have to be wary of what the other person’s good at,” he said. But I feel like I’m underestimated a lot. And to me, I don’t really mind. I’m not bothered about all that politics side of s**t. You know, I come in, I win, I get paid, and I go out and go party.”

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