Team Alistair Overeem denies PED use following recent suspension

By Susan Cox - March 15, 2023

Team Alistair Overeem is denying PED use following the recent suspension he received from Glory Kickboxing.

Alistair Overeem, Badr Hari, Glory

Alistair Overeem (47-19 MMA) was cut from the UFC roster following a TKO loss in his fight with Alexander Volkov (36-10 MMA) at UFC Vegas 18 back in February of 2021.

It didn’t take long before the 42 year old signed a multi-fight deal with GLORY Kickboxing.

In October of 2022, ‘The Demolition Man’ competed for GLORY Kickboxing, defeating Badr Hari in their third fight via unanimous decision. Unfortunately for Overeem, that win will now be changed to a ‘No Contest’ due to a failed fight night drug test.

The kickboxing promotion, GLORY, issued the following statement:

“Alistair Overeem has been removed from the GLORY rankings and his fight again Badr Hari is ruled a ‘No Contest’ due to a violation of GLORY’s anti-doping rules. His suspension is for 12 months, starting at his last fight – COLLISION 4. And he must return a percentage of his wages.”

However, according to Nick Hemmers, Alistair Overeem’s trainer there was no PED use, only an anti-inflammatory medicine used to treat a back injury.

Speaking with a Dutch outlet ‘AD’, Hemmers had this to say about the accusation of PED use (h/t MMAMania):

“A non-performance-enhancing drug.”

Hemmers continued advising the whole situation is nothing but an ‘inflated story’:

“Apparently a minimal amount of it was found in his blood…. He has not used any means to be stronger in the ring. I think it’s nonsense that his victory was taken away. We simply won that match against Badr, and I will always say that.”

Overeem’s management team also issued the following statement:

“We have taken note of the removal of Alistair from the ranking. After the B-sample was also positive, it was to be expected that his fight against Badr Hari would be converted to ‘No Contest’. We are talking about trace amounts of a supplement that Alistair has used for recovery from an injury, which is not performance-enhancing.”

“This injury occurred during the preparations for his fight with Rico (Verhoeven). It surprised Alistair that after eight months traces were still found in his system. For now, we will rest and wait and see what comes next.”

What we know for sure is that ‘The Demolition Man’ will be out of commission for a while regardless of whether or not his camp denies his use of PED’s.

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