The Korean Zombie agrees to fight Brian Ortega following latest apology

The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung, UFC Busan

Chan Sung Jung aka The Korean Zombie is ready to proceed with preparations for his expected fight against Brian Ortega following the American’s recent apology.

The two men, who were scheduled to fight back at UFC Busan before Ortega had to pull out due to injury, had been going back and forth at one another ever since UFC 248. At the event, “T-City” prompted a physical altercation with Korean Zombie’s friend and translator Jay Park as a result of Ortega believing Park was trying to instigate trash talk between them.

Since then we’ve seen an apology from Ortega, with The Korean Zombie responding on social media last night.

“Everybody makes mistakes, including me. However, you were able to own up to your mistakes and apologize. There were times where I was given the opportunity to make up for my mistake and I didn’t.
I appreciate your apology. It shows that what happened last Saturday was not just “a show“ to promote our fight.
This helps me a lot because some people thought I was promoting the fight and laughed at me, which stressed me out. So I really needed your apology. Your apology helped me out a lot.
I too, apologize for trash talking. I thought my fans were enjoying it but what happened taught me to be more careful. Also, I realized this was not the person that I really am. We have only one more thing left between us and that is the fight. I will fight you and I will beat you, I really will.
Please wait until my eyes get better. I promise it won’t take long. I’ll see you in the octagon. @briantcity”. – The Korean Zombie on Instagram.

While an actual fight has yet to be signed between The Korean Zombie and Ortega, the expectation is that this will be the direction UFC goes down moving forward.

This article first appeared on on 3/12/2020.

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