Tim Elliott and Jordan Espinosa’s team address “woman beater” accusations from UFC 259

By Harry Kettle - March 8, 2021

Jordan Espinosa’s team and Tim Elliott have both addressed the mid-fight argument they seemed to have during their UFC 259 bout.

Tim Elliott UFC 259

In their contest, which Elliott won via decision, there was an exchange on the ground that the microphones seemed to pick up, with the following being the apparent transcript.

In the clip Tim Elliott appears to say: “Back in 2018, woman beater. She messaged me.”

Espinosa then replied: You don’t know the whole story.”

Elliott concluded by stating: “I know enough.”

Elliott noted in his post-fight press conference that he’d received a message on Facebook containing pictures of a woman with choke marks on her neck. Espinosa’s manager, Bryan Hamper of SuckerPunch Ent., issued the following statement to MMA Junkie on the matter.

“We will not be commenting on Tim Elliott’s accusations,” Hamper said. “It is extremely unfortunate that an athlete who has no information of the situation is given a platform to recklessly slander another athlete with no credible information other than a (Facebook) message. It sets a dangerous precedent allowing this type of behavior to make headlines. Words matter.”

Elliott also discussed the incident post-fight, admitting he didn’t intend for anyone to hear.

“I didn’t say that for anybody else to hear, because I don’t know the whole story,” he told reporters (via TMZ Sports). “… That was supposed to be between him and I.”

The serious nature of the allegations that have been made are quite clear in what has turned out to be one of the biggest stories stemming from UFC 259. On one hand some are disgusted that Elliott would use such information to try and get into his opponent’s head, whereas others felt this needs to see the light of day.

Whatever the case may be, it’s a sour note after a fight that ended in an important win for Tim Elliott.

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