TJ Dillashaw shares the biggest regret he has from his MMA career

By Cole Shelton - December 15, 2022

TJ Dillashaw has a major regret from his career.

TJ Dillashaw

Dillashaw recently announced his retirement from MMA following his TKO loss to Aljamain Sterling for the bantamweight title. In the fight, he disclosed his shoulder multiple times and after the fight, he was set to undergo surgery.

Given that he would be out for over a year, the 36-year-old decided to retire. Dillashaw had a great career as he was a two-time bantamweight champion and is one of the best bantamweights of all time, however, he does have a big regret. To no surprise, it was the move down to flyweight as he says it messed his body up badly.

“A hundred percent. I mean, that’s the biggest regret I have right now is cutting to 125. Not only just getting in trouble, but just what I did to my body,” Dillashaw said on Food Truck Diaries. “Everyone seen that I got in trouble and I got suspended. But, dude, the six months after that of me bouncing back from that weight cut just destroyed my metabolism, looked like sh*t, went through surgery. So, like that was hard on me, it was hard on my hormones, it was hard on everything, man.”

Along with messing up his body, TJ Dillashaw also took EPO to help him get down to flyweight and was suspended by USADA. With that, he says had he never made the cut down to 125lbs he would’ve never been suspended.

“I wouldn’t have gotten in trouble, none of that sh*t would have happened. So that would have been a big difference as well,” Dillashaw said. “That is my biggest regret for sure, trying to go down to 125. The same thing as why I feel like I took this fight last time too, is you have this ultimate belief and a goal. When I put a goal in my head I am going to work my ass to get it done. When I said I am going to be a double-champ going to down to ’25, I’m getting it done.”

TJ Dillashaw ended his career with a record of 17-5 and holds notable wins over Cory Sandhagen, Cody Garbrandt, John Lineker, and Raphael Assuncao among others.

Are you surprised by what TJ Dillashaw’s biggest regret is?


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