Todd Duffee tells MMA media to ‘step up their game’

By Adam Martin - September 12, 2019

Heavyweight Todd Duffee went off on the MMA media during a pre-fight interview prior to this weekend’s UFC Vancouver event.

Todd Duffee

Duffee spoke to and gave his take on a number of topics, including the state of the MMA media. In the interview, Duffee criticized the MMA media for doing what he believes is a substandard job in covering the sport.

When asked why Duffee decided it was time to make a comeback after four years away from the UFC, the veteran heavyweight pulled no punches with the media, telling the reporter he was bored with asking the same question in multiple interviews.

“I sat out for two years with a contract. You can’t fight for 10k and 10k to make a living. Not when the average guys fights 1.8 times a year. Flat out. I couldn’t do it. I fought in the main event, on top of the world, it is what it is,” Duffee said.

“I’m tired of talking about it with you guys, you know the truth. I’m tired of you guys making me follow the sport when you need to step up your game.”

Duffee expanded on his comments about why he thinks the MMA media needs to step up their game. He says he’s tired of being asked the same questions.

“You guys are making me come out and talk about this when I shouldn’t have to. I mean, Joe Rogan’s on his podcast making fun of it. Every interview is like, ‘why did you sit out for two years?’ You know exactly I sat out for two years. Like why are we doing this?” Duffee said.

It’s clear that Duffee was annoyed explaining why he has been hurt to different reporters, having lost two years of his prime after falling through the cage during a sparring session with Blagoy Ivanov at the old TUF gym.

“I’ve did three interviews about this. I’m tired of this, and I guess I’m taking it out on you,” Duffee said.

“Cut the BS guys. Do your job. It’s the whole media blanket. Just stop the crap. I’ve done four interviews today and I’m fed up with it.”

Duffee takes on Jeff Hughes in a main card heavyweight bout this weekend at UFC Fight Nigh 158.

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