UFC 237 Results: Clay Guida defeats BJ Penn via decision

Clay Guida

A lightweight bout featuring former two-division UFC champion BJ Penn taking on fellow veteran Clay Guida took place on the prelims of tonight’s UFC 237 event from Rio de Janeiro.

Penn (16-13-2 MMA) was last seen in action at December’s UFC 232 event in Los Angeles, where he suffered the first submission loss of his career to the always crafty Ryan Hall.

‘The Prodigy’ enters tonight’s contest looking to pick up his fist win since November of 2010, wh
en he knocked out Matt Hughes in the pairs trilogy bout at UFC 123.

BJ Penn
Image: BJ Penn on Instagram

Meanwhile, Clay Guida (34-18 MMA) will return to the octagon for this first time eleven months. ‘The Carpenter’ suffered a submission loss to Charles Oliveira in his most recent effort at UFC 225. Prior to the setback, Guida had picked up wins over Joe Lauzon and Erik Koch respectively.

Round one of the fight begins Guida lands an uppercut early. He throws a low kick. Penn with a left jab. Guida with pressure early. Penn misses with a left hook. He comes forward with a combination. Penn with a nice left over the top. Both men with left hooks. Penn with a jab. The crowd chants “BJ”. Guida with a high kick that is partially blocked. He follows that up with a low kick. Penn responds with a jab. Guida leaps in with a wild punch that misses. Penn with a good left. He is touching Guida now. Clay with a low kick that lands. Two minutes remain. The fighters trade shots in the pocket. Penn steps in with a hook. Guida with a low kick but Penn replies with a jab. Both men land hooks inside. Penn pressuring now with his jab. He leaps in with a hook that misses. Penn with a left and then an uppercut. Another left from Penn. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Penn comes out with a stiff jab to start. Guida circles along the cage. Penn cuts him off and lands a jab. Guida leaps in with a right hand. He misses but lands a low kick. Guida with a left hand that partially lands. Penn with a straight right. He follows that up with a nice left. Guida with a low kick. BJ Penn rips a hook to the body. Guida lands a nice low kick. BJ replies with one of his own. BJ with a nice right hand. He lands a left jab. Guida comes forward but eats a body shot. Penn with another good jab. Guida with a double jab. He lands a low kick on Penn. BJ snaps a jab. Guida forces the clinch and pushes Penn against the cage. Penn defending well early. Guida lets go and unleashes a flurry. Penn clinches up but Guida lands a left hand. Clay rips shots to the body of Penn. BJ gets off the cage and lands a jab. Guida with a low kick. Penn continues to pump his jab. Guyida with another low kick. Thirty seconds remain. Guida with a high kick. He moves in and lands a late takedown. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and both men land jabs early. Guida with a combination. He lands a low kick and charges in with an uppercut. Guida lands a big right hand. BJ is backing up. Guida with a low kick and then a jab. He is really turning the tide in his favor now. The fighters clinch against the cage. Clay with an elbow. BJ with a short right hook. Guida breaks and lands a combination. Clay Guida continues to force the pressure on BJ. He drops down and looks for a takedown. Penn with a jab but Guida answers with a right hand that drops the former champion. BJ Penn scrambles right back up to his feet and the fighters clinch. Two minutes remain. BJ with a knee. Guida breaks free from the clinch and lands a right. BJ Penn returns fire with an uppercut. Guida shoots for a takedown. Penn with a knee. Guida replies with a flurry. Both men are throwing heavy shot from the clinch. BJ lands an uppercut. Guida with a left. Another uppercut from Penn. Guida shoots back in and the fighters clinch. Penn breaks free and lands a right hand. Penn with another right. He is pressing the action. Guida with a right hand. BJ lands a jab and then an uppercut. Guida with a high kick. Penn with a jab to the body. The horn sounds to end round three.

Official UFC 237 Result: Clay Guida defeats BJ Penn via decision (29-28 x2, 29-27)

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