UFC Austin Results: Josh Emmett defeats Calvin Kattar (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - June 18, 2022

Tonight’s UFC Austin event is headlined by a key featherweight contest featuring Calvin Kattar taking on Josh Emmett.

Josh Emmett, UFC on ESPN 11

Kattar (23-5 MMA) is coming off a win against Giga Chikadze (14-3 MMA) in January of this year. Prior to that victory, ‘The Boston Finisher’ had suffered a unanimous decision loss to Max Holloway.

Meanwhile, Josh Emmett (17-2 MMA) will enter tonight’s UFC Austin main event sporting a four-fight winning streak, his latest being a decision victory over Dan Ige. ‘The Fighting Farmer’ has not lost since 2018 when he was knocked out by Jeremy Stephens.

Round one begins and there is a bit of a feeling out process. Calvin Kattar finally lands a jab at about the one minute mark. Another jab from Kattar and then a low kick. Hard 1-2 from Josh Emmett, Kattar trips along the fence but comes back with a right hand. He follows that up with a jab and then a front kick. Emmett with a right hand and then a 1-2 behind it. A a low kick now. Another 1-2 from Emmett. Katter fires back with his jab. Both men trading big shots now in the pocket. The horn sounds to end a closely contested round one.

Round two of the UFC Austin main event begins and Josh Emmett lands a nice combination. Kattar responds with a pair of jabs. Another 1-2 from Emmett and then a right. Kattar with a jab and then a front kick. Another jab from Kattar. Emmett steps in on a 1-2 but eats a counter right. Emmett with a couple nice hooks. Kattar still probing behind his jab. He lands one hard but eats a low kick. Emmett with a couple of jabs. Kattar continues to snap Emmett’s head back with jabs of his own. A looping left from Kattar and then back to the jab. Emmett’s eye is bleeding a lot now. A three-punch combo from Kattar. He continues to pepper Emmett with jabs. A hard 1-2 from Emmett and then a big left hook. He charges forward with more hooks to the body and head. Kattar goes back to work with his jab. A big right hand from Emmett now and then another. Calvin Kattar back to utilizing his jab to keep Josh Emmett at bay. Kattar with some knees inside. Emmett goes to the body with a left hook. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three of the UFC Austin headliner begins and Calvin Kattar is back to work with his jab. A hard 1-2 lands for Josh Emmett. Kattar tries to plant his feet and answer, but Emmett winds up and cracks him with another couple of hooks. Kattar back to jabbing. Emmett returns fire. Both men landing inside. Kattar with the jabs. Emmett a right to the body. Both men land jabs. Emmett with a low kick. Both men looking for right hands in the pocket. A 1-2 from Emmett scores. A hard counter right from Kattar and then a big left. ‘The Boston Finisher’ with a huge uppercut. More crisp jabs from Kattar. He lands a hard right. Emmett getting backed up a little more often now. A lunging right from Emmett now. Kattar returns with his jab. A hard body shot scores for Emmett. Kattar with a left hook. Emmett goes back to the body. Another body shot for Josh Emmett. Kattar lands a front kick. Both men land right hands in the pocket. Emmett with another to close out the round.

Round four of the UFC Austin main event begins and Emmett lands a right hand to start. Kattar responds with his jab. Calvin is doing well with his volume. He lands a nice right. Emmett with a low kick. A hard 1-2 from Kattar and then a jab behind it. Emmett with a low kick. Head-body combo for Kattar. Josh Emmett loads up on a hook. More jabs now from Calvin Kattar. Emmett pumps his own jab to the head and then to the body. Emmett rushes in and lands a right hand. Kattar’s nose is a mess now. Still, he finds a home for a huge elbow. Both men land jabs. A big 1-2 from Emmett. Kattar working more jabs and then fires off a right hand. Another body-head combo from Emmett but it is answered by another big right hand as Kattar. A spinning back elbow from the ‘Boston Finisher’ as Emmett reached for the clinch. A hard 1-2 now and Josh Emmett stumbles. Calvin Kattar looks to move in for the kill. More jabs from Kattar. Emmett looks to counter but misses. Kattar pumping that jab more and more. Emmett with a couple left hooks. He lands a low kick and then a right. Kattar with a late 1-2. The horn sounds to end round four.

The fifth and final round of the UFC Austin main event begins and both men are pawing with their jabs early. Calvin Kattar lands a nice right hand. Josh Emmett replies with one of his own. Kattar popping the jab. He lands a right hand. Another crisp jab and Emmett responds with a 1-2. A good right hand now from Emmett. Kattar answers with a 1-2. Emmett with a left hook counter. Good right hand from Kattar and then a jab. Emmett shoots but gives it up quick. Hard hooks traded inside. A nice left hook from Calvin Kattar and then he goes back to the jabs. A straight right hand from Kattar. He looks for the uppercut and gets countered. A body shot from Josh Emmett. Kattar with a jab but he eats a counter right hand. More jabs from Kattar. He is just cracking that left eye over and over. Emmett looks to push forward with a high kick but it fails to connect. Kattar with some more jabs. A right hand from Emmett and then a low kick. Calvin Kattar continues to jab away. He lands a right and then eats one in return. More jabs from Kattar. A couple of big hooks score for Emmett. The fighters continue to trade shots until the final horn.

Official UFC Austin Result: Josh Emmett def. Calvin Kattar by split decision (47-48, 48-47 x2)

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