UFC Long Island Results: Lauren Murphy defeats Miesha Tate (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - July 16, 2022

Today’s UFC Long Island event features a key women’s flyweight contest between former bantamweight champion Miesha Tate and Lauren Murphy.

Miesha Tate Lauren Murphy

Tate (19-8 MMA) decided to make the drop to flyweight following her unanimous decision loss to Ketlen Vieira in November of 2021. That loss was preceded by a TKO victory over fellow veteran Marion Reneau.

Meanwhile, Lauren Murphy (15-5 MMA) will be returning to action for the first time since suffering a TKO loss to reigning flyweight queen Valentina Shevchenko. That loss snapped a five-fight winning streak for the woman known as “Lucky”.

Round one of this women’s flyweight contest begins and Miesha Tate lands a kick to the body. Murphy with a good 1-2. Tate shoots off the cage and gets sprawled on. Knees from Murphy and a right hand. Murphy doing a great job of countering Miesha’s jab early. Tate with a low kick and then a high kick behind it. She lands a jab and then a 1-2. Murphy with a jab of her own. Tate keeps firing. A nice right hand scores for Murphy. A low kick from Tate. 1-2 from Murphy. A big right hand from Lauren Murphy. She shoots a double and moves to a bodylock, but can’t Tate scrambles back up. Murphy pressing Miesha against the cage. Short hooks from both women in the clinch. Tate reverses the position. She throws Murphy to the ground but the former title challenger bounces right back up. Shoulders and knees from Tate. She lands a short right. Murphy with some hammer fists to the thigh of ‘Cupcake’. The fighters break. Murphy with a hard jab. Tate returns fire with one of her own. The horn sounds to end round one.


Round two begins and Lauren Murphy lands a 1-2. Tate answers with a left hand and then another. Murphy working the jab. Tate responds and lands a right. Murphy with two hard right hands and a couple of good jabs. Tate is bleeding from the nose. A nice 1-2 from Murphy. She ducks a punch and takes Tate down with a double leg. Miesha scoots to the cage and tries to stand. Murphy landing hard shots as Tate looks to get up. Murphy with the bodylock against the cage. Tate breaks the hold and lands a hard elbow. A jab to 3 punch combo from Tate. Murphy with an overhand right. Tate counters with a good punch. Jabs from Murphy as Tate clinches up. Murphy puts her on the cage. She lands an elbow but eats one right back. A hard jab now from Murphy. Tate lands a counter right. Both women trading jabs at range. Murphy shoots and gets stuffed. Lauren Murphy and Miesha Tate trade rights. Tate clinches and sticks her on the fence to land some short knees and a shoulder strike. More clinch work from Tate. Murphy turns her and eats a hard elbow. She returns fire with a good knee as the horn sounds to end round two.

The third and final round begins and Lauren Murphy lands a jab. Tate returns one and they continue to trade in the pocket. Tate with a low kick. Murphy a right hand. Back to jabs. A nice body kick from Tate. ‘Cupcake’ shoots in and looks for the bodylock trip, but Murphy keeps it standing. Tate with punches in the clinch, Murphy answers with a knee. The fighters break and trade jabs. A hard 1-2 from Murphy and then a jab. Tate is bloodied up. Both women continue to work the jab. Tate goes to the body and shoots in. Murphy with heavy elbows in the clinch. More elbows from Murphy. Tate tries to clinch up, but can’t. A body kick from Tate on the break. Murphy with a right. Tate pumps the jab. A right hand from Tate lands over Murphy’s jab. Both women landing shots. Tate gets the better of the exchange and backs Murphy off. The fighters clinch and Miesha Tate lands a knee. Knees from Murphy and then an elbow. Tate backs off. A jab scores from Murphy. Tate returns fire. A 1-2 from Murphy lands. Tate keeps throwing her jab. Another 1-2 from Murphy, and another. The horn sounds as the fighters trade knees.

Official UFC Long Island Result: Lauren Murphy def. Miesha Tate by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

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