UFC Vegas 56 Results: Movsar Evloev defeats Dan Ige (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - June 4, 2022

Tonight’s UFC Vegas 56 event is co-headlined by a featherweight contest featuring Dan Ige taking on Movsar Evloev.

Movsar Evloev, Dan Ige, UFC Vegas 56

Ige (15-5 MMA) enters the bout looking to snap a two-fight losing skid. The Hawaiian standout is coming off back-to-back decision defeats to Josh Emmett and Chan Sung Jung.

Meanwhile, Movsar Evloev (15-0 MMA) currently boasts an undefeated professional record which includes five straight wins under the UFC banner. The Russian standout was last seen in action at UFC 263, where he defeated Hakeem Dawodu.

Round one of the UFC Vegas 56 co-main event begins and a jab from Ige scores to open the fight. Evloev with a low kick. A hard 1-2 from Ige. Evloev with a low kick, but gets countered by a jab. Evloev with a sharp jab. Ige returns fire with one of his own. Body hook from Ige. Right hand from Evloev, and then a 1-2. Movsar Evloev steps in on a left but gets countered with a jab. Dan Ige with a low kick. He eats a counter 1-2. A front kick lands from Evloev. And a low kick now. Ige with the jab. Uppercut from Evloev, and a couple jabs. Double jab from Ige lands hard. Evloev with a right and and then a left. Ige returns fire with two hooks. Body shots from Ige. Evloev with a jumping knee as the Hawaiian steps in. Dan Ige is hurt. Evloev with a body kick and then a 1-2. Counter hook from Ige. Front kick from Evloev and then a hard 1-2. Evloev with the low single into a back take as Ige looks to scramble. Ige up to his feet, Evloev lifts him and slams him. Ige up again, but can’t break the body lock and gets puled back down. One hook in for Evloev, but Ige right back up and leaning against the cage, digs underhooks and looks for his own takedown. Evloev backs off to range and pops a jab. Ige returns fire with one of his own. A body kick lands for Evloev to close out round one.

Round two of the UFC Vegas 56 co-main event begins and Evloev lands a front kick. He follows that up with a high kick. Dan Ige goes body head with hooks. Nice left hook from Ige. Evloev with the jab and then a 1-2. Ige pushes forward but gets poked in the eye. We have a brief break and then restart. Evloev with a nice double jab to uppercut. Ige steps in and eats an uppercut counter. A big right hand lands for Ige. The Hawaiian steps in on a good jab but eats a clean 1-2 counter. A body shot now from Ige. A jump knee is returned by Evloev. Ige is pumping his jab but can’t land clean. A hard low kick from Ige and then a clean jab. An overhand scores from Evloev as Ige goes for the low kick. Dan Ige with a hook to low kick, but eats a counter left. Evloev with a jab. Counter right from Ige. Movsar throws a jab and then shoots for a double leg takedown. He gets it. Good elbows from the top before the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three of the UFC Vegas 56 co-main event begins and Movsar Evloev throws a low kick that hits the groin area of Dan Ige. We restart and Evloev is quickly in on a takedown. He looks to move to the back of his opponent and locks in one hook. Hard shots from the undefeated Russian. He continues to remained locked on Ige’s back. The Hawaiian breaks free and looks for a kimura. He tries to get a takedown of his own but Evloev is not having it. Big hammer fists now from Movsar. He closes out the fight in dominant fashion.

Official UFC Vegas 56 Result: Movsar Evloev def. Dan Ige by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27 x2)

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