Video | Eminem tells Dana White his opinion doesn’t matter on SportsCenter

By Adam Martin - January 21, 2021

Hip-hop star Eminem took a shot at UFC president Dana White during an appearance on ESPN SportsCenter on Thursday.


Eminem is one of the most famous artists on the planet and his music is being used during the promos for this weekend’s UFC 257 card. On Thursday, ESPN SportsCenter was able to get the chance to talk to Eminem, and White joined them. Following their appearance on the podcast, former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub posted a short clip from the interaction between Eminem and White. Check out what the legendary rapper said to the UFC president.

“The best part about your opinion is that it doesn’t matter. And if every fighter that you had listened to your opinion when you doubted them, you wouldn’t have a f*cking league,” Eminem said.

It’s important to note that, without the full clip of the interview being played, it’s hard to completely understand the context of what Eminem is referring to in his comments. But there is no doubt White was a bit taken back by them, as you can see in his face. In the comments that we see in this clip, Eminem takes the stance of defending the fighters, while taking a jab at the UFC.

It’s surprising to hear Eminem go on the offensive on White, so there must be more to the story. Already, fans on social media are suggesting that White’s affiliation with former United States President Donald Trump could be part of the reason why Eminem took a shot at him. Then again, White’s been affiliated with Trump for two decades, and the UFC has been using Eminem’s music for many of those years during its shows. So there must have been something else that must have spurred Eminem into taking a shot at the UFC president.

Ideally, a full video of this interview will be released so MMA fans can see the entire thing. But what we did see in the clip is certainly very curious.

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