Video | Henry Cejudo reveals his five “sensors” as a fighter and wrestler

Henry Cejudo, Dana White
Image via @ufceurope on Instagram

Former two-weight UFC champion Henry Cejudo has revealed the five sensors from his wrestling and fighting days.

While Cejudo may have gone into retirement after his win over Dominick Cruz, it does feel as if it’s just a matter of time before he comes out of retirement to fight at either bantamweight or featherweight or, potentially, flyweight.

During the latest edition of his Motivational Monday series on Twitter, Cejudo actually stepped away from the cringeworthy side of his persona in order to give his fans some key advice.

“Since I’ve been retired I’ve had a chance to think a lot,” Cejudo said. “As a fighter, I have five sensors that I feel when I fight – either when I fight or when I was competing during wrestling. I call it action, reaction, anticipation, feel, and the most important one is risk. It’s taking calculated risks, and at times, you just have to take a risk. You see Triple C isn’t 100% cringe, only 99%.”

If Cejudo does move up to featherweight then he’ll probably expect to face champion Alexander Volkanovski, but right now, “The Great” doesn’t appear to be all too interested in that showdown.

“He definitely lives up to his name when it’s the cringe, but I always thought the cringe was just things he said, but now it’s getting cringey how much he’s begging for a title fight,” Volkanovsk said of a fight with Cejudo on Submission Radio. “He just doesn’t stop. It’s cringey how you retire, and you call out everyone, stirring shit everywhere. It just seems like he’s even stirring the pot in the divisions that he retired in. He’s still getting lippy to some of the guys back down there, but obviously he’s calling me out. And again, if it was gonna happen it was earlier in the year. But again, I’ve got a division to hold and I’ve got my eye on the division. I want these number one contenders. And if for some reason the UFC pushed that [Cejudo fight] on me, like I said, I’ve got to get paid for it, because it’s just a waste of time for me, I believe. A waste of time for the division.”

Do you think we’ll see Henry Cejudo back in the cage in the future?

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