VIDEO | Cody Garbrandt storms out of interview with Dominick Cruz

By Chris Taylor - December 28, 2016

(via The Fight Network)

ufc bantamweight championship fight

Bitter rivals Dominick Cruz and Cody Garbrandt will finally take to the octagon this Friday night at UFC 207 in Las Vegas with the UFC’s coveted Bantamweight title up or grabs.

Earlier today, Garbrandt and Cruz engaged in a head-to-head interview and things quickly got heated when the talk between the two rivals turned to Cody’s girlfriend and how Dominick had been commenting on her Instagram.

Check out the whole interview in the above video.

Below is the transcription:

Cruz: “Yea says the guys who is creeping on my social media like USADA.”

Garbrandt: “Yea then you want to go out on my girlfriend and talk that shit to her on Instagram.”

Cruz: “She talked to me!”

Garbrandt: “No you went her on thing and my site too.”

Cruz: “Keep your fling on a string man. She shouldn’t be hollering at me on social media.”

Garbrandt: “Fling on a string. Yea. Keep your dog on a string how about that?”

Cruz: “Keep her to yourself. As far as I am concerned I did you and her a favor. She obviously wears the pants in the relationship or else she wouldn’t be having to defend you. So keep your fling on a string, keep her mouth shut because this is big boy business.”

Garbrandt: “Well I’ll come across there right now! You are a room away.”

Cruz: “Go ahead. Come over here. Come on turd. Let’s go.”

Garbrandt: “Unhook me.”

Cruz: “Oh I hope he comes. Bring it. Come on, come on. You coming? Are you coming little boy? Come on. You already know. You already know I am right. That is why you are mad. You already know what is going to happen. Control yourself. You have one day boy!”

Who do you think will emerge victorious when current bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz and top contender Cody Garbrandt square off at UFC 207 in Las Vegas? Sound off PENN Nation!


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