VIDEO | Firas Zahabi goes beast mode sparring 6’4 undefeated pro welterweight

Tristar GYM head coach Firas Zahabi is widely believed to be one of the best coaches in MMA. In addition to welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre, Zahabi has coached top ranked fighters such as Rory MacDonald, Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, and even worked with rising prospect Sage Northcutt.

Georges St-Pierre post fight victory

In addition to coaching his fighters, Zahabi also releases quite a few training breakdown videos on his official YouTube channel, in which he covers a wide variety of topics from fight breakdowns/predictions, to technique tutorials, as well as breakdowns of viral fight videos, always reminding his viewers never to engage in a street fight unless it’s for self defense.

In a newly released video, which serves as part 3 of his ‘how to fight a bigger, taller, opponent’ series, you can see the famed coach actually sparring with a student. Not only is Zahabi sparring with the student, he is sparring with a 6’4 undefeated professional welterweight with a record of 6-0. Ksiazkiewicz’s record is certainly an impressive one, with his last 4 wins all coming by either submission or KO. To stack the odds even moreso against Zahabi, Ksiazkiewicz is a southpaw, while Zahabi is an orthodox fighter.

Firas Zahabi

Throughout the course of the video you can see Zahabi sparring with Ksiazkiewicz, before then breaking down many of the techniques that he is doing, such as framing against a taller opponent, and using your hips to break away from grappling exchanges.

Check out the video above!

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