VIDEO | Nate Diaz: ‘Pound-for-pound I am number 1!’

By Russell Ess - December 16, 2016

Nate Diaz

UFC superstar Nate Diaz has been waiting for his trilogy fight with rival Conor McGregor ever since their rematch at UFC 202 back in August.

While not interested in any other fight, the younger Diaz brother spoke with ESNews and questioned some issues with the last match with McGregor and why his name isn’t mentioned in the pound-for-pound rankings with a submission win over Conor McGregor.

Nate Diaz

“The mainstream got me as a MMA fighter, but I’m a boxer, I’m a black belt in jiu-jitsu, I do all that stuff and I want to master each thing, each sport. I want to master all of them. Even jiu-jitsu, I think I’m the best jiu-jitsu guy in the world too. I train with Kron Gracie, who is one of the best guys in the world and I train with the best boxers in the world and the best kickboxers,” Diaz stated.

“So when I hear boxers say their opinion or jiu-jitsu guys say their opinion, I’m better than everybody at all these things, so that’s just what I’m thinking about that.”

As McGregor moved up in the pound-for-pound fighter UFC rankings with his win over Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, Diaz questioned how he isn’t even ranked in the pound-for-pound ranks with a finish over “The Notorious.”

UFC 196

“How come I’m not even in the pound-for-pounds too? I’m like, I beat the #1 pound-for-pound guy. He’s #1 right?” Diaz asked about McGregor, who is currently ranked #2 in the UFC pound-for-pound rankings. “Ok, so I beat him twice and I can’t even get a #9 spot? How the f**k does that work? There’s no logic in this shit. I’m #1. Pound-for-pound, I’m #1 and everybody else, you guys ain’t shit. No one fought as much as me. I have the record for most fights in the UFC, landed the most punches, got the most pay-per-views. I hold the record,” Diaz claimed.

“And all the fighters, they’re so stupid. They’re scared to, they don’t event want to say my name because no one wants to fight. But guess what, it’s all good. I don’t want to fight you little bitches either.”

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