VIDEO | Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson hurt by ‘King Mo’s’ comments: ‘That was a low blow’

By Russell Ess - January 23, 2017

Quinton Rampage Jackson and Muhammed King Mo Lawal presser

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal are set to meet once again in the Bellator cage at Bellator 175 on March 31.

The two MMA stars first fought at Bellator 120 back in 2014 where Jackson won by unanimous decision in a light heavyweight bout. This time around, the two will meet at heavyweight.

Quinton Rampage Jackson and Muhammed King Mo Lawal

“I’m too old to be cutting weight to 205,” Jackson said at the press conference following the Bellator 170 fights held over the weekend (transcribed by MMA Fighting). “My ass is too big. I got a big ass and I got big-ass legs. I shouldn’t be fighting at 205. I’m just a big guy now.”

Lawal laid into Jackson and his weight saying that the former UFC light heavyweight champion looked like he was pregnant.

“You talk about lifting weights — you’re lifting donuts,” Lawal said. “You know what I’m saying? And beers. You say you got big arms from curling? Chips and Pringles. Listen, I heard you’re training with Kobayashi, the competitive eater, for this. Kobayashi, the hot dog eater. That’s who you’re training with.”

Jackson was able to laugh at Lawal’s comments but did admit that cracks at his weight did have some sting on them.

Quinton Rampage Jackson and Muhammed King Mo Lawal presser

“But it hurt my feelings, though, King Mo. You called me fat. That hit home, though. That was a low blow. But I ain’t said nothing about your ugly ass mustache and beard combo. I haven’t said nothing that’s true, that’s hit home like that. I haven’t gotten on your ugly ass ears, like a damn Gremlin.”

There will surely be more great quotes from these two and as far as the fight goes, Lawal is looking to make things right and get his hand raised after the first fight, where he believes the judges made the wrong decision. Lawal pointed out that Jackson asked for a rematch immediately after their first fight, giving even more reason to believe that the judge’s made the wrong decision.

“When a fighter really wins the fight, they don’t ask for no rematch,” stated Lawal. “That be stupid. That be like Floyd asking Pacquiao for a rematch.”

However, Jackson responded by saying that he only asked for the rematch so that he could secure a decisive knockout.

“I do have to show him what type of fighter I am,” Jackson said. “And I do want to knock him out.”

This article first appeared on 1/23/2017.


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