VIDEO | Some of the biggest referee mistakes in MMA

By Russell Ess - May 23, 2017

Dana White

Being a referee in any sport is never an easy job.

With making extremely close calls as best you can based on your own judgment, it’s nearly impossible to make the right call every time, which is why instant replay is being used in more and more sports these days.

However, there are a few exceptional incidents where you just wonder where a referee’s mind was at as you stood yelling at the television as if the referee could hear you.

In combat sports such as mixed martial arts, a referee is in there to ensure the safety of the fighters and to enforce the rules to make the sport as safe as possible. Here, we take a look at a few examples where the referees did a less than stellar job in the cage.

Any particular referee blunders you recall that stick out in your mind? Share them with us in the comment section!

on 5/23/2017.


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