Anderson Silva expresses interest in boxing Georges St-Pierre after ‘GSP’ is added to Jake Paul broadcast: “He can come and do something special”

By Josh Evanoff - October 27, 2022

MMA fans might get the super-fight they’ve longed for, but it wouldn’t take place under normal circumstances.

Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre spent the majority of their primes at the top of the UFC, and just 15-pounds apart. For years, fans longed to see ‘The Spider’, and ‘GSP’ go toe to toe. Sadly, it never happened.

Depending on who you ask, the fight was either not pursued by the UFC, or they couldn’t settle on the weight class. Regardless of the explanation, both men went through their entire MMA careers without fighting one another. Thus putting a matchup between them firmly into the ‘Dream Fight’ category.

It now seems that fans could see Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre fight, but not in the octagon. The Brazilian discussed the matchup earlier today ahead of his showdown with Jake Paul. In case you missed it, the Canadian star was recently added to the broadcast.

For his part, the 47-year-old seems down and believes his fellow UFC alum could do great things in boxing. However, Silva believes that St-Pierre’s contract with the UFC could prevent a clash.

GSP Silva

“Wow, I think that’s good [on a meeting with St-Pierre in the boxing ring],” stated Silva at a pre-fight press conference earlier today. “You know, wow. First of all, you would need to check if GSP is out of the contract with the UFC. Because, I think that GSP could come and do something special same as us, you know. I love it, I love it, it’s so amazing.”

While Anderson Silva seems on board, Georges St-Pierre might very well be under a UFC contract. In 2020, he attempted to face Oscar De La Hoya in an exhibition matchup. However, the promotion and Dana White intervened, squashing the fight.

If the Canadian no longer is under UFC control, fans could see a longtime dream fight they’ve been waiting for.

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