Dana White appreciates Oscar De La Hoya’s apology, but will never be friends: “That guy did way too much damage”

By Josh Evanoff - August 11, 2022

Dana White appreciates Oscar De La Hoya’s apology, but he’s fine not working with him.

Oscar De La Hoya, Dana White, Canelo Alvarez

The two promoters have been embroiled in a heated feud for years. First going at each other’s throats as rivals, things took a personal turn in 2018. De La Hoya began promoting MMA fights, starting with Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz 3. In turn, White poked fun at the boxer’s addiction problems.

After years of being rivals, the head of Golden Boy Promotions revealed he wanted to bury the hatchet. Earlier this year, De La Hoya publicly apologized to White, stating he believes they should work together. In an interview on The MMA Hour, he stated:

“Dana criticized me, and for a good reason. There were some exchanges going back and forth, me and Dana, to which I apologized to him a thousand percent. There’s still a lot of business to be done with me and Dana in the future… If he ever wants to talk and sit down, imagine our two powerhouses and creating something together. It would be pretty unique.”

Now, Dana White has responded to Oscar De La Hoya’s apology. The UFC president has made it clear that things aren’t going to be the same between them. White discussed the apology in a fan Q&A with GQ Sports.

Dana White, The UFC

Dana White – Photo cred: Drake Riggs

However, the UFC president stated that he accepted the apology. Beyond that, White still doesn’t want to be friends.

“I feel like De La Hoya’s apology was sincere, but there’s no way that he and I can ever be friends again. He and I were actually friends. I used to go to his fights. I used to watch his fights, I used to promote his fights. That guy did way too much damage for us to ever be friends again. I appreciate his apology. I get it. We’re cool, but we’re never going to be that cool.” (h/t MMAFighting)

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