Eddie Hearn believes Jake Paul doesn’t “deserve” to be ranked if he beats Tommy Fury: “There’s a little bit of publicity in there”

By Cole Shelton - February 20, 2023

Eddie Hearn disagrees with the WBC announcing that they will rank Jake Paul if he beats Tommy Fury.

Jake Paul, Eddie Hearn

Paul and Fury are finally set to fight on Sunday in Saudi Arabia after the two were booked twice previously. It’s a grudge match between the two, but recently, the WBC president revealed if Paul wins, he will be a ranked WBC cruiserweight.

“Jake Paul has been close to the WBC for several years, starting with the first event promoted in the UK when his brother, Logan, fought KSI. On that night Jake won the WBC amateur belt in the undercard fights,” the WBC said to Sky Sports. “Jake has dedication and respect to the sport and the WBC will not tolerate discrimination against anyone. He deserves the opportunities that any other boxer has. He demonstrated punching power and improved skills as well as a solid chin. Tommy Fury represents a clear challenge to Paul in a battle of two undefeated professional boxers.”

Although Paul is undefeated, many have been critical that he hasn’t fought a pro boxer. Hearn, meanwhile, also thinks the WBC is only ranking Paul for publicity.

“Of course not. But we live in a commercial world and sometimes governing bodies have to live in that commercial world as well,” Eddie Hearn said about Paul to IFL TV. “Look, Tommy Fury’s a proper fighter and Jake Paul would make a statement if he won that fight. Not a statement that he can challenge for a world title, but, ultimately, there’s a little bit of publicity in there. Is it right? Not really. Because there’s fighters that deserve to be in the top 15 much more than Jake Paul, but it’s the world we live in.”

Jake Paul has been vocal that he will KO Tommy Fury and if that happens, he will take one step closer to becoming a world champion which he has said he will do. However, Eddie Hearn has told Paul to his face that he won’t be a world champion in his career.

Do you think Jake Paul should be a ranked cruiserweight if he beats Tommy Fury?


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