Logan Paul apologizes to fiancé Nina Agdal for accepting a fight with Dillon Danis: “It’s inhumane what he did”

By Susan Cox - October 18, 2023

Logan Paul is apologizing to his fiancé Nina Agdal for accepting a fight with Dillon Danis.

Logan Paul and Nina Agdal

It was this past Saturday, at the AO Arena in Manchester, England that saw Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis in an exhibition boxing match. Paul was to be the victor via disqualification in the sixth and final round. Danis committed a foul in the form of an illegal guillotine choke against Paul.

In the lead-up to the fight, Dillon Danis had made it his mission to attack Logan Paul’s fiancé on social media, posting half-naked photos, sharing a private video, and making illicit commentary. In response, Agdal, a Danish model, hit Danis with a restraining order and a lawsuit indicating she had “suffered humiliation, emotional distress, and reputational harm”.

In a video posted to ‘X‘, Paul spoke his recent fight with Danis:

“I lied in the build up when I said I didn’t regret choosing him as a partner….”

When asked why the regret, Logan Paul responded:

“I’m eternally sorry for Nina. I’ll spend the rest of my life apologizing if I have to, for putting her through that kind of torment. It just it’s, it’s inhumane what he did, and she’ll hold him accountable, but this is my life. I dragged her into this social media fight bullsh*t, she did not sign up for this. I mean she did, she did of course, but she didn’t, she didn’t know and neither did I the extent to which he would take things.”

Concluding Paul said:

“No no fight organization or promotion has ever seen this type of build up – this is gnarly.”

Danis, 30, will now have to contend with the lawsuit and the loss to Logan Paul.

Do you agree that there should be limits put on online attacks in the lead-up to fights?

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